2. lonetrikerphotography:

    Goat: taken by lonetrikerphotography on June 15th, 2014 @ Bonnaroo, Manchester TN

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  4. redchairillustration:

    Hip sketches with a new pencil brush~

    These Are Some Hip Sketches.

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  6. pupuplatter:

    "Young girl wearing a palangapang necklace, linglingo earrings, and rolled up brass bracelets. Such necklaces are worn only by older men in parts of Central Ifugao." Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna.

  7. dahzmija:

    Couple during wedding in Kiangan, Ifugao early 1900

  8. okazu-shokudo:


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  9. edemoss:

    Hammerhead sketches I did for a piece about…hammerheads. Super fun. I could twenty pages of shark sketches. And I just might.

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