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    santeria by vacaliebres

  2. Oshun Ibu Anya—Oshun of the Drums. This Oshun is the patron of dancing and the Anya drums. She is said to dance ceaselessly to forget her troubles.



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    The following is a summary & analysis of Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review article, “Law of the Noose: A History of Latino Lynching” Richard Delgado.


    Delgado attempts to shed light on a largely unknown history of Latinos, particularly Mexican-Americans in the Southwest…


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    Goat: taken by lonetrikerphotography on June 15th, 2014 @ Bonnaroo, Manchester TN

  7. YES

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    Hip sketches with a new pencil brush~

    These Are Some Hip Sketches.

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    "Young girl wearing a palangapang necklace, linglingo earrings, and rolled up brass bracelets. Such necklaces are worn only by older men in parts of Central Ifugao." Museum für Völkerkunde, Vienna.