1. collection of jungalistic studies


  2. Brega/Techno Melody mix


  3. live mix

  4. Literal Jungle Music From Suriname. Aleke


  5. My cover Of Banda Djavu Apaixonada. all production Aquiles Holladay. FREE DOWNLOAD!  


  6. While in Suriname i was bombarded with this music.

  7. Mad Professor @Luciano’s    Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. dia  São Jorge



  10. This is Techno Brega…heard allot of it in Suriname…its pretty much Brazilian Jungle Pop Music…Literally.  This is my guilty pleasure example….hey its supposed to be cheezy free downloads!

    Jaloo definitely knows what to remix….I first heard the original of this next one in Suriname (where my mother is from)